Ruby Russell

Fashion Design (BA)


Rebecca and her daughters

Presented to you are the eight daughters of Rebecca. Every daughter has her own personality and therefore her own taste in shape, textiles and colours.

The main inspiration for the graduation collection of Ruby Russell comes from her personal background combined with a certain point in history. During the design process layers of strange atmosphere’s, humoristic elements, diversity of materials and bright colours are added. 

Foto's: Team Peter Stigter


Ruby's father is born in Wales. That's why she is fascinated by the stories of this country.

The graduation collection of Ruby symbolizes her position as a fashion designer. As she designed eight daughters she will continue creating new ones. Her mission is to create pieces, not collections. This makes it possible to put all effort in this single piece and produce it in a more sustainable way.

She’s using British humour to break the gap between artist, fashion and the audience by making people laugh and making fashion approachable.