Isabelle Tellié

Fashion Design (BA)


Formblatt 151

"My collection is inspired by the basic ideas of the Bauhaus style. It forms a synthesis of art and craft which is on the one hand characterized by our innovative and technological spirit of age and on the other hand it leaps back into former days.
Rectilinear shapes and strong co¬¬lour contrasts combined with a touch of the sixties fashion clash characterize my collection.
Weaving and embroidery are not longer forgotten. In conjunction with a new form of processing these traditional crafts experience a renascence.
Furthermore the Wassily chair designed by M.Breuer has a fundamental meaning in my work.
Like the chair parts of my collection are based on sort of a frame so that clothes get its form as well as its function."

- Isabelle Tellié


"Fashion Design is not just about cloth and textiles, it's about finding new and innovative ways which leads us into future."

"I always try to find new manners to reinvent our traditional crafts and to adapt them to our spirit of age. I developed a strong ecological consciousness combined with an innovative and disciplined mindset."

- Isabelle Tellié