Hendrike Nagel

Graphic Design (BA)



iYoga is the latest innovation to enhance all essential components of humanity and eliminate all human shortcomings. As a mental update system, iYoga fuses our body, mind, soul, and technology. With a range of exercises, iYoga dissolves all boundaries between physicality and virtuality, humanity and technology, and opens up a new meta-physical dimension. The human being transcends into the ultimate state of absolute self-actualization and perfection. iYoga will revolutionize and optimize everything; our physical existence, our value system, our beliefs, our human rights. Be different!


"After having graduated in “Graphic Design” at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL) in 2015, I have been living in Berlin (D). Here I have worked both in the field of graphic design and the gallery context. Beginning this autumn, October 2016, I am starting my Masters degree in “Curatorial Studies” at the Städelschule and Goethe University in Frankfurt (on the Main) (D)."

- Hendrike Nagel