Tessa Groenewoud

Product Design (BA)


Contraction & Release

The rubber material contains spatial shapes, which are created by vacuum formed techniques. You can turn these forms inside out, which creates a clasping function. As soon as the material transforms into a different shape, the material clasps around the foot. Contraction and release are terms that are used for dancing techniques. It’s about the contraction and release of the muscles. This is comparable with the technique that I’m using for my shoes, in which the shapes are also under pressure if you turn them around. .  


Tessa Groenewoud is graduated from ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem and specialized herself in footwear. She has a fascination for techniques, material characteristics and form transformation. She uses several effects of gravity, memory and flexibility of materials to create technical systems in her designs. With this she wants to emphasize the way the product should be used.