Stan de Natris

Graphic Design (BA)


Miet-bewohner of Berlin 

Research Project by Stan de Natris

“Berlin ist POOR but SeXY”, the Miet-Bewohner of Berlin research project presents and locates temporary living locations in the spaces between GDR prefab (Plattenbau) buildings and pre-WWII (Altbau) buildings in Berlin. These places are intended for people struck by an eviction because of gentrification – revitalisation of a neighbourhood, and displacement of the original inhabitants – in the inner city districts of Berlin. The project is visualised in various media and spatial formats like the newspaper Zwischennützung Zeitung, a city plan inspired by Walter Gropius and giant advertisement banners mimicking one of the in-between monolith shaped spaces. 


Miet-bewohner of Berlin — Banners, 2014

Textile canvas 150 g/m²
10,70 m × 4,05 m (×2)
© 2014, Stan de Natris

Miet-bewohner of Berlin Model, 2014

MDF, Gloss/Silk Paint and Vinyl Cutted Stickers
125 cm × 125 cm × 25 cm
© 2014, Stan de Natris

Miet-bewohner of Berlin Zwischennützung Zeitung, 2014

Milo paper 60 g/m²
243 mm × 320 mm
© 2014, Stan de Natris


‘I use graphic design as a vehicle for a journalistic approach to projects where the emphasis is on current events. So, in my self-designed thesis Crossing Borders, I researched artists who make those borders the subject of their work. Are they going to the places that are the subject of their work or do they come from abroad? Does a journalistic approach deliver the truth? Miet-bewohner of Berlin is a research project about upgrading the housing for tenants in Berlin. The Valiz Antennae Index is a site containing the indexes of five Antennae books. The index is based on keywords and not on a table of contents. In this way, the reader is drawn to the essays via the words.’

- Stan de Natris