Esther Kruyer

Fashion Design (BA)



Already from youngest age, my fascination for sports and sportswear has been huge. Body alignment, speed, clarity and color blocking are in my opinion key elements in fashion collections.

Ice skating, rhythmic dancing and gymnastic leotards inspired me to make this collection. Triggered by kitsch, movement and the usages of gymnastic leotards this collection shows grubby skin colors in combination with neon colors.

I fused kitschy sequined fabrics with neoprene and 2 layers of mesh on top of it, resulting in an extraordinary glossy effect, that I am very proud of. When moving one can see a pattern of special effects from a distance.

The total image consists of a twist between sports and femininity. Fashion and clothing have to portray a certain feel of comfort in my opinion. Hence the sweater is from utmost importance for me, which you can see throughout my collection. The sweater combined with a feminine a-symmetric waist skirt is for me the perfect conjunction of sports and femininity.

All round, adventurous and sporty women wear my designs. Women with a too busy agenda and too little time, working on Manhattan Island, subsequently running through Central Park and going for champagne drinks at 1-OAK.