Kim van Es

Graphic Design (BA)


Kim van Es, owner of concept store and Graphic Design Studio; Graphic Playground

Graphic Playground || the studio - the design studio (run by designer Kim van Es) creates and designs a broad variety of graphic work; from prints and pattern design, to signage and corporate identities. The studio also produces interior design, street art, illustrations and mix-media collages. You can find a selection of these designs in our store, or have us design them specifically to meet your needs. We work closely with our clients, creative companies and businesses. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about how we work or what we make.

Graphic Playground || the store - at Graphic Playground we collect and sell unique design products, welcoming all kinds of designers and brands in the fields of graphic and product design, illustration and street art. Our focus is on prints, specifically those created in a graphic, street art or illustrative way. You can expect bold products with amazing visual language and striking minimalistic and geometric features. Our collection of products turns the store into a real Graphic Playground.

The aim of the store is to make (graphic) design more accessible for a broader audience, in a playful way. Graphic Playground seeks to achieve this by making design visible and tangible, taking it out of the designer’s studio and presenting it in a store, where anything is possible. With this aim we don’t just serve the customer and design lovers, but also the designers themselves. We ensure that designers can reach their audience by providing a platform for their work. To give each designer a fair chance, Graphic Playground features an amazing mix of products from a diverse range of designers, in a relaxed urban setting.