Paula Arntzen

Product Design (BA)


 Paula's Paper Process

After constant study and observation I managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of paper and its special characteristics. Through this knowledge and my love for paper, Paula’s Paper Process was established. PPP exists of a series of installations and a collection of lights.

For the Arnhem Fashion Biennale in the Netherlands, I was asked by the creative director to design an installation at the main location, which consisted of a church. The project manifest itself in the form of four handmade big chandeliers combined with garlands. I wanted to create a festive atmosphere that would express the temporary character of the event. This temporary character I enhanced by the use of white paper combined with red light that accentuated the spatial interior and the volume of the church.

At the New Year’s party of artist platform ‘Tape’ in the Netherlands. I created a light installation that was inspired by fireworks. The rich handmade colored lights were screen printed with fluorescent paint and exposed with black light as an external light source, causing the whole lamp to light up instead of just the light bulb.


Paula Arntzen,

After High school Paula Arntzen studied Traditional Furniture Making at the HMC in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she developed her technical knowledge and crafts skills as a furniture maker. Arntzen went on to study ‘Product Design’ at the ArtEZ Academy of Art in the Netherlands, cementing her passion and future career as a Product Designer. After graduating in 2009, Arntzen established her design studio, Studio Paula Arntzen, where she focused on the realisation of independent monumental light installations for public spaces, handmade products and commissioned work. In order to continue challenging herself professionally and personally she commenced her master in “Design Products” at the Royal College of Art in London in September 2013. Since then, Paula has innovatively mixed installations, craft, product design and technology as communicative components of wonder in order to better connect people to their everyday surroundings. This is reflected through her focus on nature, hands-on approach to design and from using interesting combinations of different materials and technology. Arntzen believes aesthetics are an integral part of a product is equal to its efficiency of usability. Key to Arntzen’s design philosophy is the celebration of imagination over reason.